NotePad 99

An enhanced version of the Windows NotePad . It comes with easy...

An enhanced version of the Windows NotePad. It comes with easy to use file/edit toolbars with undo/redo. It allows users to simultaneously save files in 3 different drives, hence providing backups easily in floppies or server drives!

It supports double-sided printing to save paper. The `Open` file dialog also contains a list of most recently open files. It supports text files greater than 64kb and you can open multiple windows without launching another session of the program.

The menu and open/save dialog boxes were improved to look like Office 97 and Windows 95/98 programs respectively. An on-line up-todate help system is available.

A HTML Tags toolbar for commonly used HTML tags. Innovative Window Buttons to let you switch between child windows likethe Windows Taskbar. Requires MS Internet Explorer and Internet Connection.